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Directors Notes 


Music and the performing arts connect youth with their culture through a common language crossing generational, social, and multicultural barriers. The activities that a young person pursues influences the type of person he or she becomes. The experience that comes with participation in a performing arts organization builds discipline, character, pride, and self-confidence at a crucial age and forms the springboard to even greater achievements in adulthood.


Braden River Performing Arts programs permanently enrich the lives of young people through a commitment to youth development and performance excellence with consitant superiors at MPA festival while providing enjoyment for our local community and audiences statewide. Braden River is a proud program that consists of : a Beginning band, 3 concert bands, 3 jazz bands, Percussion ensembles, Varsity / JV wintergurd ,  and the 2017, 2013, and 2012 Class 3A FMBC  State Champion Marching band.

What does the Band Program Stand for?


From the very first note played in the Braden River Band program, students will be immersed in quality educational and performance experiences. The Braden River objective is to develop personal character through challenging physical, emotional, mental, and social activities while promoting the values of dedication, hard work, and commitment to a team effort.  

Music & Community
In Harmony


The Braden River Band program enjoys rich traditions and great support from the Parents, School Administrators and the Community. 

Why Should I Join Marching Band?


Marching Band is an activity which attempts to do much more than provide a performance opportunity for students or entertainment for the audience. Through the marching band experience, students will learn useful life skills such as leadership, goal-setting and teamwork, among others. The Braden River Band program curriculum includes opportunities for students to exercise their potential not only as musicians, but as complete well rounded individuals

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