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The Braden River High School Colorguard has a tradition of excellence. The group receives numerous awards and accolades which include Grand Champion, Best In Class, and Superior Ratings. Participation in the Colorguard is a year-long commitment that involves 2 competitive seasons: Marching Band in the fall and Winterguard (Visual Ensemble) in the spring. Color Guard members learn proper technique on Movement, Flag, Rifle, and Saber. This equipment and body work will be rehearsed and perfected at both MBOP and Winterguard practices, and daily practice will be required to keep up with the group. 

2013-14 BRHS Colorguard
Emily Fernandez - Captain
Jade Fukunaka - Assistant Captain
Amy Ward - Assistant Captain
Summer Boucher
Jordan Boughner
Emma Burgess
Brittany Burnham
Jessie Chiang
Olha Chyshkevych
Trisha Cooper
Lexi Davis
Marissa DuBois
Savana Ecklund
Jordan Eiler
Alexis Grant
Miranda Gratz
Elena Hanson
Anna Hepler
Megan Ianero
Mackenzie Jock
Cindy Lu
Danielle Parrill
Sarnya Risselin
Caity Walters

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Apr 26, 2013, 11:02 AM